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  • Full Name: Arrow
  • Season: 8
  • Episodes: 22
  • Language: English (with Subtitles)
  • Subtitles: Yes (English)
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Size: 250MB (Each Episode)
  • Quality: 720p HEVC Bluray
  • Format: Mkv


Oliver Queen and his father are lost at sea when their luxury yacht sinks, apparently in a storm. His father dies, but Oliver survives for five years on an uncharted island and eventually returns home. But he wasn’t alone on the island where he learned not only how to fight and survive but also of his father’s corruption and unscrupulous business dealings.He returns to civilization a changed man, determined to put things right. He disguises himself with the hood of one of his mysterious island mentors, arms himself with a bow and sets about hunting down the men and women who have corrupted his city.


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This review will be based on the 5 seasons of Arrow that I have watched. I will go season by season, indicating what I like and dislike, and come up with a final grade on a scale of 1 to 10.

Season 1

The show was so much simpler back in its first season. From the first moment, the show is very ambitious, and in the first 20 seconds of the pilot teases the villain for the next season. This was the season where the flashbacks were at their absolute best. There were just so many exciting twists and turns. For much of the season the audience is left wondering who’s side Yao Fei is on, and this season also introduces Slade Wilson. What they did with him was very interesting. Near the beginning of the season Oliver was being tortured by a man wearing the Deathstroke mask, and when it was revealed that it wasn’t him, that was just brilliant. Unfortunately, I felt like the flashbacks actually overshadowed and undercut what was actually happening in the main story.

The main plot was very interesting, and the show was very nicely shrouded in mystery. We were all wondering where Walter had been taken, who was Moira talking too, and whether or not she was evil. Arrow just kept us guessing in this season, and they only kept making us ask more questions. Arrow does take a little bit of time to establish its tone, and unfortunately dives into a soap opera-esque tone at times. Luckily it does find its feet, going for a riveting dark and gritty feel.

The characters themselves are all very interesting, but also flawed, giving them a sense of humanity. Even Robert Queen, who was highly respected by Oliver, was shown to not be the person we all thought he was. At the same time the characters are still easy to root for, and great to watch. This was also a time when Felicity Smoak was just a minor comic relief character, not so much the annoying lecturing character we saw in later seasons. There was definitely some chemistry between her and Oliver, hinting at potentially a relationship between the 2.

Overall, a good season, but still working things out.


Season 2

This was the best season of Arrow. They did a fantastic job of capitalising on what was good from Season 1, with a more clearly established tone. But what really made this season shine was Deathstroke. The character’s portrayal by Manu Bennett is very entertaining to watch, bringing a lot of charisma and also leaves the audience very conflicted. While he did kill Moira, and was planning to completely mess up his life, you also want to root for him, knowing he was a friend of Oliver’s. This made his moments just that much better. Deathstroke was the show’s best villain. The only real issue was his motivations. Making romance a big factor in his transformation weakened the character, and made him seem rather petty. Slade was definitely prepared to go to insane lengths, making for some brilliant drama.

We had our team fully formed at the start of this season, but it kicked off with a twist right away. It was revealed that Sara Lance, who had been presumed dead was in fact alive, and had become an assassin. This built a lot of intrigue, and opened up a lot more questions for us. Oliver also had a good arc going on, as he tried to stop himself from killing others. When this is paired with a villain that took his mother’s life, it really tested his character.

The flashbacks were good as always, again this time we had a fairly established group of main characters. It was very nice how they tied this story back to the main plot of the show. The only real issue with these flashbacks was that they lacked the characteristic plot twists from the previous season.

The setup for The Flash was also great.

This was the show’s best and most exciting season


Season 3

Season 2 was just phenomenal so we were all hyped for the 3rd season, with expectations higher than ever. And well . . .

What we got was good, but never really reached the heights of its predecessor. For the first portion of the season, Ra’s al Ghul was teased as quite an intriguing villain. This period of time where he was this good ended in S9 E3 “The Climb” where he killed Oliver. Here we had a villain who utterly dominated our hero. I think after that, the character just seemed a bit generic and bland. When it came to his defeat, it felt too easy, there was no worry about whether or not Oliver would win. It would’ve maybe been better if they’d spent more time on the idea of having a team without Oliver, and made that a central plot point of the season. Still the idea of bringing the fight to Oliver, and making “The Arrow” a criminal was an interesting and intense storyline as the season was in its last few episodes.

Something else we have to talk about was the ruining of the team. For the majority of the time it was a fairly compact team, made up of highly trained heroes. And then suddenly Laurel just becomes a superhero. It felt so stupid and wrong to watch as she was fighting with the same prowess as characters who had been experienced fighters and assassins.

A large chunk of this show revolved around a love triangle between Ray Palmer, Felicity and Oliver. This just seemed like it didn’t need to be there, and was taking up too much of the show. It really would have been better if all this time they wasted on romance was spent on Ra’s al Ghul as a character and developing him further, and would’ve taken him to new heights.

Lastly the flashbacks. They lacked the conventional twists and turns(aside from the very beginning), and were too much of a departure from what was established earlier on. While I did like the tie-ins with the main story, the loss of many characters here brought it down a little bit. It felt wrong that so much of the mythology that had been established was changed.

I had some issues with this season, but it was still fun.


Season 4

Ok this is where it went bad. Like really bad. And it all stems from the plot. The first episode of the season introduced the main villain, which was a huge mistake. This severely limited where the plot could go for the rest of the season. It just felt like we had endless episodes of trying to beat Damien Darhk and it was a waste of time. The character himself had the right energy and charisma, but wasn’t taken as far as he maybe could’ve been with a different plot.

To fill up some of the episodes, they made the relationship between Oliver and Felicity a huge part of the season. Again, this is not why people watch Arrow. At the same time, I was predicting the the pair would get together and it was good to see them together. And then they broke up, and suddenly Felicity started lecturing Oliver about everything. It seems that she was never going back to being the comic relief.

A lot of what happened this season felt cheap. The twist with Diggle’s brother being alive was interesting at first, but it felt wrong to make Diggle actually kill him. Then we had the infamous death of Laurel. It felt like they just put it in there at a last-ditch attempt to draw some kind of interest in the show. There was no emotional punch to this, she just kind of died and that was it. This was all capped off with one of the most anticlimatic, paint-by-numbers season finales. They didn’t even try to come up with something original, so they did what they had done with every other season.

Now the flashbacks. While it was good to return to the island, and there was a good connection to the main story, they weren’t good to watch. The characters that were in this season of flashbacks were just so damn boring and one-dimensional.

The show really took a dive this season.


Season 5

Season 5 is where Arrow started to turn around. The show was able to hit the reset button while taking in elements from earlier seasons. Rather than revealing our villain in the first episode, he was teased as sort of an observer, and as the show progressed, his role became larger. Also they nicely borrowed the idea of a masked villain from the first season, creating some intrigue.

As for Prometheus, he was fantastic. He was less of a villain to the city than one to Oliver himself. Prometheus was all about bringing justice to Oliver and getting revenge after the death of his father. Never before had an Arrow villain felt so much like a true criminal mastermind. It didn’t hurt at all that he had almost a psychotic vibe to him as shown in S5 E17 “Kapushion”. All he really cared about was bringing Oliver down, making for a more character focused season. The twist of making him Adrian Chase was also a nice touch.

Wisely they chose to leave Season 4 behind. Most of the characters in the team were taken out of action, and instead we had some fresh new recruits. They weren’t necessarily bad, but took some getting used to. The season did start a little slow with some lecturing from Felicity, and it felt strange not having Diggle around. We discovered some new pairing along the way, namely Rene and Lance. There was a much less romantic focus during this season as “Olicity” had broken up. Even though it did feel a little empty in that regard, it was a refreshing change of pace for the show.

The flashbacks were still not great, unfortunately. They once again changed the mythology of the character, and crafted a story that had next to no connections to the main plot, save for Talia al Ghul. In saying that,we did have a return of Anatoly which was nice to see and as a whole they did improve. The boring characters from the previous season were dropped.

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